Getting your Entertainment Center Ready (Part 1)

Connecting Cable or Satellite Box to a TV Surround System

More and more people are looking to stay home when it comes to movie entertainment. Due to technological innovations in home entertainment equipment, it is now easier for people to have high quality entertainment in their homes. The only set back to building a state-of-the art entertainment center is the wiring complexities. If there are any wiring miscalculations your new system may not play. To alleviate frustration, follow this simple how-to guide to help with wire management.

Connecting the Cable or Satellite Box to a TV and Surround System:

connecting cable or satellite box to a TV surround system

Step 1: There are a number of ways to connect your television to your cable box. In true HD TV’s you want to use the HDMI, DVI or Component wires (RGB). If TV is not high definition then you will use the composite cables which are the red, white and yellow cables. REMEMBER- the connections on the cable box or satellite box side need to be in the box’s OUTPUTS and on the TV and surround sound receiver, and then need to be in the INPUTS.Step 2: To connect the digital surround sound, your TV should have a digital coaxial HDMI, or optical in the red and white cables; from your cable or satellite box audio OUTPUT to your TV’s audio INPUTput. To turn on the audio from your TV, connect the composite audio cables, which are

Step 3: If you choose to use the HDMI cable, then it will deliver both audio and video to your TV. Be aware that some HDMI audio signals will not pass through when connected from the cable box to the receiver to the TV. . Then connect a digital cable from your cable or satellite box to your surround sound receiver.

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