Entertainment Centers for Flat Screen TV’s

Picking out furniture that will compliment your TV and décor can be worrisome. There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a new entertainment center for your flat screen TV: How much storage space do you need? Should you mount your new flat screen TV to the wall? Where will you place your TV? What is the difference between a TV Rack and a TV stand and which one will be best for your new flat screen TV?

When shopping for a new entertainment center, it is important to keep in mind that the media room is used as a place of relaxation and escape and will most likely be around for a while. The entertainment center serves as focal point of any room. People naturally draw attention to the TV when a show or movie is on. Picking out a stylish and practical entertainment center is paramount.

Styles and Ideas

TV stand’s can serve as a functional and alluring way to display your TV. This white TV stand is equipped with plenty of storage for all of your different A/V components and media devices.

Modern TV stand

The flat screen TV is mounted to the wall with a low profile TV mount.  TV mounts are great because they create the allusion that your flat screen TV is “floating.”  It also reduces the risk of damages to your flat screen.

Entertainment Centers have come a long way. In the early 80’s through the 90’s, entertainment centers were designed traditional styles and for family homes. There wasn’t much room for versatility in styling due to the fact that mainly because it attracted a certain type of consumer. These days, entertainment centers come in many shapes and forms and are found in almost every home.  Some entertainment centers are equipped with lighting, which allows for you to subtly showcase your décor while still keeping your flat screen TV as the focal point of the room.  If you have a large media collection then having a lot of storage is essential. Open shelves are great because you can display your media collection and favorite décor in a central place.

Entertainment center with lighted shelves and plenty of space to showcase your decor.

AV Racks and. TV Stands 

Another popular option for showcasing your flat screen TV is AV racks. There is not much of a different between and AV racks and TV stands. AV racks stand for Audio Video and are designed specifically for audio and video devices. Often times they come equipped with a wire management system so that way you can properly store your device cords. AV racks can stand alone or act as an addition to your current entertainment center. TV stands are very similar to AV racks, but usually are built with a larger design in order to accommodate a TV. Most TV stands to have AV storage available.

Glass AV rack is great for housing all your audio and video components.

A TV rack is a great option to consider for your flat screen TV. It provides a clean place to showcase your collection and AV components. Most TV racks and stands require additional mounts for your TV.

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