Picking the TV to Complete Your Entertainment Center (Part 2)

When choosing the ideal television for your den, living room or gathering area, it is important  to consider your surroundings and your needs. Last week we discussed lighting and how the natural (and artificial) light will effect different types of screen and impact the way you view your entertainment.

Today we aim to discuss some inflatables that may get lost in the event that is television shopping.

Angles and Blurriness

You may pick up a tilting wall mount from the EntertainmentCenterSpot.com. You may impress guests with a towering armoire system like the Michael Amini Monte Carlo Media Cabinet. Perhaps the glow of your new flatscreen will be matched in its impressiveness with a roaring fireplace stand but knowing your viewing angles can ensure the highest quality picture.

Fast moving images, like live action sports and video games, Aae hadles differently depending on the type of television. According to experts, LCD and LED both have  tendancies to give a blurry effect when quick paced action races across the screen. Those who utilize LCD monitor on their computer systems can understand how video quality may diminish during quick video action.

The perspective of the viewer can enhance the effects or diminish the quality of a grainy image on an LCD screen. Due to the processes and materials used in the manufacturing of these types, many different brands can actually loose view-ability the further left or right your are from an LCD system. Darker shades and details in the picture can diminish while quick movements can resemble clouds of digital smoke on lower quality screens when displayed at extreme angles, only proving the importance of your television placement.

This lagging problem has become less of a problem recently but plasma television seem to be handle this issue best.


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Picking the TV to Complete Your Entertainment Center (Part 1)

Plasma or LCD? OLED? SMART TV?

Which is the best television system for your home?

There is no easy answer when asking yourself this question when building your entertainment center. So many of us just look at the ads, pick a price and go with one. Others will walk into a store only to get what the salesperson suggests as the “best deal”. With such a large investment as a television is to us, why not put a little more thought into what we’d like to get out of it.

Perhaps step one to finding your dream television system is to consider where it will go. Placing the television on a stand or mounting on a wall is irrelevant as just about all of today’s modern systems are capable of either. But a usually dark room compared to a naturally lit setting can make a world of difference in the best viewing experience.

LCD televisions use a method called single source backlighting, which can mean true ‘black’ isnt as easy to achieve as with with plasma or LED. Both alternatives can have ‘backlighting’ for  multiple cell which giving much better contrast and bolder colors. In a bright room this may not matter much, but in the dark room the differences can seem dramatic.

Plasma Televisions are not without their faults in the lighting predicament. Plasma television system, although have recently take steps to get better here, are assembled with glass front surfaces. These surface help the colors and light shine though and reach the viewer in a high volume but when a glass surface is positioned across too bright of a light, (like the sun), then a refelction or glare can make the television screen almost unviewable.

In the upcoming weeks we will go over the ins and the outs of these television systems and help give guidance into the making the best INFORMATIVE decision for your home.

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How to best Decorate Your Entertainment Center

One of the best ways to make a house of a home, is to ad decor to your space. Depending on if you have a corner entertainment center or a regular TV stand there are a lot of simple ways to add décor and flair to your desired room.

  1. If you have a green thumb of even if you don’t, a nice floral piece is a simple way to add a nice touch to your TV stand of Entertainment Center.
  2. Remember that less is more sometimes. The more clutter you have displayed on your entertainment, the messier your room can appear. Try and keep it minimal.
  3. Have fun with it. Your entertainment center is exactly as the name suggests the center of your home. Holiday and seasonal decorations can be arranged on the set to give it depth and dimension.
  4. Book stacking effect. Stacking and staggering your books on some of our shelves is a simple way to add color and decoration to your entertainment center.
  5. If your entertainment center has overhead lightening, placing family photos at an angle from the light adds to your sets dimension.

There are plenty of fine stands equipped to handle large decor. Please visit the Entertainment Spot.com’s sections of Stand with Cabinets and Stand with Piers to get ideas.

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Entertaining Relaxation

Sometimes life can get in the way of what is important. Often times I find myself brining my work home; answering emails, scheduling appointments, stressing over deadlines, complaining about my day to whoever will listen all while worrying about what to cook for dinner. The stresses of the day can have a huge effect on your mental and physical health.

When stress happens it’s nice to have a few simple techniques on hand that will help you deal with the stress.


Relaxing to Music

musicClassical music is a really fantastic way to relax when you are feeling stressed and anxious at work. I recommend something that has a smooth violin sound or a melodic piano. Just chuck some on your iPod and listen to it when you feel like the office is starting to get you down.


Tea for Two

Tea is full of antioxidants and does wonders for stress levels on many different levels. One study has shown that people who drink tea are actually happier than those who do not. They are also less likely to get cancer and some other serious illnesses.

Tea-for-TwoThere are many definitive physiological reasons as to why tea helps stress. Chinese doctors have known it for thousands of years and now western science is backing up those claims with evidence that a cup of tea can suppress a hormone in the body that causes stress.


De-Stressing Tips

Technology has made some attempt to try and incorporate meditation and relaxation ideas into a phone app or a gaming console. Apps for such use have had a huge success with downloads. Wii has done a really good job at creating games for physical activity such as Wii Fit and Wii Yoga.  If you phone doesn’t have the ability to download apps or if you don’t have access to a gaming console, simple techniques can help you “de-stress” your day.

  • Consistency-  I have found that is really easy to start something but difficult to be consistent with a new routine. I can’t tell you how many times I have justified cheating on my diet because I told myself; “I’ll start back up on Monday.” I had to change this type of thinking in order to gain some consistency. Setting up a reward system or giving myself credit for keeping a consistent schedule really helped with maintaining consistency.
  • Staying Active- Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can help minimize stress. Finding something that works for you is key.
  • One Step at a Time- I have always been an ambitious person. When I was a little girl my dad would constantly remind me to slow down. I was always in a hurry to get things done, to be the first at finishing and to be the best. The “all or nothing” mentality can actually contribute to stress. Setting a schedule with reasonable deadlines is key and wont make you overwhelmed.
  • Stay Away From Negative Thinking- Negative contributes to stress and depression. It is important to stay positive.
  • 20 Minutes-   20 minutes is all you need to engage in a meaningful and relaxing session. Think about. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes of valuable “me” time.
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Chocolate Therapy

According to the Greeks, Chocolate- or theobroma- literally translates into “Food of the gods.”  What is it about the rich brown cacao plant that can transform a batch of cookies into deliciousness, or change your mood from sad to happy? Like a great glass of wine,
chocolate is a pass time favorite that is used to celebrate memories, family gatherings, and special moments.

But can the rich brown color of chocolate produce the same positive therapeutic affects
when the color is used to enhance the décor of a room, and can chocolate stained furniture be considered “Furniture for the gods?”

The answer to this question is- Yes it can! The positive effects of chocolate can not only be felt by consuming it but the rich brown color in itself, has a lot of befits that can make a lasting positive impression on the psyche. Brown is a natural color that evokes a sense of strength and reliability. It also provokes the feeling of warmth and comfort. Now of course this is the majority and not everybody feels this way, but it goes to without saying that the richness of chocolate can be felt both internally and externally.

The hierarchy of most used rooms in the house can arguably be categorized in this order:

  1. Bedroom
  2. Living Room
  3. Kitchen
  4. Dining room
  5. Bathroom

Simple logic implies that the most rooms used in the house should have the greatest amount of benefits. For example, I can justify spending outrageous amounts of money on a quality mattress because I know that I will use that mattress for years to come. The same goes for the living room. When I have guest or family over, I want them feel welcomed and comforted. My living perfectly combines modern day design with earth tones. When my family comes over, we will sit on my couch and watch a past time favorite on my entertainment center which embodies a rich chocolate stain that complements my living room décor.

The Best Chocolate Tinted Entertainment Centers Out There:

  1.  Lane Conrad 11980-35 60″ TV Stand 
  2. Lane Logan 11985-28 Corner 48″ TV Stand
  3.  Lane Canterbury 11986-30 52″ TV Stand


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Entertainment Centers for Gamers

You just customized your high performance console with the best performance processors available on the market and the fastest running drives’ giving you the ultimate advantage over your enemy, but the only thing is missing is a proper entertainment center to organize your games while providing you with a place to store your high def TV screen.

When you picture Entertainment Centers usually an image of your mom’s traditional living room set pops into mind. Although these entertainment centers go great in living rooms, they are not the only ones out there. A modernly designed entertainment center that features clean lines, open storage space and commodious space is more ideal for the avid gamer.

Take for example this Entertainment Center offered by Universal Furniture Great Rooms, the open storage compartments complimented with various sizes and closed and open compartments, make it easy for a gamer to design and store all of their gaming


Entertainment Center for Gamers

devices, games, gaming consoles, and High Def. TV in an all-in-one place keeping unnecessary wiring clutter out of the way.

The ultimate goal is to have something that is compatible and best for your needs and can provide you with the best gaming environment for you.

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Environmentally Responsible Furniture

                  Phrases like “eco-friendly”, “green” and “sustainable” are used rather freely in marketing everything from cars to clothing. At present there are no legally binding definitions of these terms so they can be used loosely with no recourse. There are a lot of companies out there who are sincerely trying to tread more gently on the planet and there are also those who are using it as a marketing strategy and nothing more. In an industry like furniture is an environmentally sound choice possible and how big of a difference does it make for Mother Nature?

Even taking small steps to conserve resources will go a long way over time. For instance, it takes one tree to make about 700 paper grocery bags. If you go to the grocery store twice a week and come out with 3 or 4 bags, you could save a tree over the space of a year by opting for reusable bags. How does one tree benefit the Earth?  The Arbor Day Foundation says that a single mature and leafy tree can produce as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year. Trees also help cool the earth and discourage droughts by giving off moisture. One 100 foot tree can absorb 11,000 gallons of water from the soil and release it into the air in a single growing season. Trees are vital to a balanced ecosystem. Birds, insects, animals and even other plants depend on trees for shelter, food and to prevent soil erosion.

Biking instead of driving, fixing drippy faucets and recycling junk mail are all well-known methods of being green but, when doing something like buying an entertainment center, what considerations factor in? We’ve heard the, “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra over and over on environmental topics. “Reduce” comes first because it is the most beneficial. No further resources are utilized and nothing has been added to the landfill. Buying good quality furniture that will still be usable over a long period of time saves not only money, but resources as well. If one person no longer has use for it, a well-made piece of furniture can be recycled and reused by someone else.

Other considerations include what materials are used and what chemicals are required for manufacturing and growing. As we’ve already discussed, every tree makes a difference. Plants and trees that can grow without the use of chemicals, with minimal water, that grow quickly, are ideal. Bamboo for instance, does not require pesticides, is self-regenerating, and can grow up to 4 feet a day in some cases. Plants and trees are used for producing not only lumber, but fabrics as well. Cotton is an example of a crop that is heavily treated with pesticides. Some fabrics are also treated with stain repellant chemicals which can cause health concerns. Try to choose natural fibers that are untreated and are colored with eco-friendly dyes. Responsible harvesting methods are also imperative. Selective cutting benefits the health of the forest while clear cutting destroys habitats and leaves soil vulnerable to erosion. Efficient use of materials and resources with little or no waste is also important.

Shopping locally has taken on a new connotation in the world of ecommerce in a global marketplace. Buying furniture made in your town or city may not be possible but buying furniture that can be trucked to your destination rather than shipped treads more lightly on our planet.  Commercial shipping causes air pollution as well as particulate pollution. This pollution, as well as oil and waste that escape from ships, pose a threat to the delicate ecosystem of our oceans. Some of this information may be found on a company’s website but another excellent resource for this type of information when shopping for furniture, is the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

The Sustainable Furnishings Council seeks to take the ambiguity out of terms like “sustainable” and “environmentally safe”. They assist companies in identifying areas where they can be more eco-friendly and less wasteful benefiting not only the planet but the companies themselves. Eagle furniture is one such company. As a member if the Sustainable Furnishing’s Council, they have taken advantage of their environmental assessment tools and have implemented changes to reduce their environmental footprint as well as increase profitability.

Eagle planes and cuts rough lumber products to various lengths and widths necessary for building their TV stands and entertainment centers. Wood has natural imperfections so a number of odd sized pieces are sometimes generated that were discarded as waste but Eagle was able to reduce waste to the very minimum by using a technique called finger jointing to create tops and various common sized parts with lumber that would normally be unusable. The material waste that cannot be re-purposed for manufacturing furniture is sold to companies that will use if for items such as wood flour, charcoal products or animal bedding. Lowering waste increases Eagle’s bottom line and is kinder to the Earth as well.

Eagle has also taken measure to eliminate harsh chemicals in their manufacturing processes to guard against harmful chemicals finding their way into ground water and to protect the health of consumers as well. They use a large percentage of water based, eco-friendly finishes and are implementing an acetone reclamation system to enable us to recover and reuse solvents used in the finishing process.

Eagle is centrally located in Kentucky for efficient North American delivery routes that don’t require shipping. They have utilized the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Life Cycle Assessment to track wood flow to ensure sustainable harvesting methods as well as materials from forests in as close a proximity as possible.

Not just taking “eco-friendly” marketing at face value, but doing your own research is key. Well informed consumers make better decisions and if more people are researching these topics, it will encourage companies in all industries to develop more sustainable practices and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods which will benefit all of us.

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Welcome to Entertainment Center Spot

Welcome to Entertainment Center Spot!

This online guide is dedicated to introducing to you all of the furniture that makes our living spaces better. We will regularly discuss the furniture systems and accessories that will improve the look of our most treasured spaces while keeping our home entertainment in order. The very best racks, stands, entertainment centers will all be discussed and explained here, along with tips to help you build a better home. Whether you are looking to improve the look of your den, bedroom or living space, you will find all of the information to help you here at blog.entertainmentcenterspot.com.


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