Picking the TV to Complete Your Entertainment Center (Part 3)

Today we conclude our series on sorting through the determining factors of picking your ideal HDTV Setup.


There is always a cost factor when replacing a household item and just like with SofasandSectionals.com, many of the best ways to save money is to find an online deal by a reputable company.

Here are some final things to consider when purchasing a new HDTV.

A larger screen model will cost more on any TV type, but consider your room size and the distance you will be viewing from.  Generally speaking, Plasma are usually more money than LCD televisions and LED are pricier than the two. Check for deals around holidays and keep on eye out in the weekly ads for sales.

Debunking some of the common conceptions.

“Plasma Does not perform as well at higher altitudes” -  Television systems sell just as well in Colorado as they do in California. Very early models contain warnings concerning operation at higher elevations but this was a time before HDTV and a thing of the past.

LED and Plasma TVs have a shorter display life span. Early reports concerning screen life estimated about 30,000 hour lifespan. This time frame means that at 8 hours of viewing per day would only equal 9 years of life. Most television manufacturers estimate that today’s television actually last upward to 60,000. Think about this, Do you still own a television that is 18 years old?

To sum everything up

If you like to watch sports and live action on your Television, then Plasma may be the way to go. If you want to save a little money and enjoy your television set in front of your large bay window, then an LCD Television can help you there. If you need the absolute best and money is no option, then get yourself a brand new LED television.

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