Wall Mounting Your Flatscreen Television (part 1)

A wall mounted television installation as a very simple task and this outline below is only meant as a useful guide of informative information and should in no way be a substitute for professional planning when conducting your installation.Please seek the assistance of a contractor or professional installation technician when dealing with electrical wires or if you are in any way unsure about the installation.

Taking on the task of doing your own wall mounted television installation should consist of plenty of planning along with the the old construction rule of measuring twice. That being said, the first step to installing Your TV Wall Mount is to decide on the final positioning of your television and knowing exactly what type of wall you will be working with.

It is absolutely crucial to the final outcome, as well as to your own safety that you correctly recognize the strength of your wall and your ability to locate wood or metal studs. Also, coordinating the correct bracket or wall mount system to match the size and weight of your television is essential to a long lasting install. To find more information wall mount sizes and size requirements, please visit EntertainmentCenterSpot.com’s sections on Brackets by Weight and Brackets by Television Size Sections.

Bell'O 7740B Low Profile TV Wall Mount

When deciding on your ideal position it is best to keep in mind a wall that will allow you to add more furniture to your living room scene and perhaps the direction of light based on the the type of television you own. Also consider what looks best and what best fits the flow of traffic bin your house. Remember you are essentially freeing up floor space with a wall mounted install so explore all of the possibilities to best the best scene possible.

Deciding on the ideal height requirements will vary with every different room scene as well as with the size of your television.  If you are conducting your installation with a flat mount system then you will want the very center-line of the mount to be positioned at eye level from your seating area. A tilting mount is a good solution to making adjustments for your ideal viewing area after an install. Downwards tilting can often be customized to your seating area where a straight-forward mound may lead to neck straining if positioned too high so keep this in mind.

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