Wall Mounting Your Flatscreen Television (part 2)

After determining the appropriate bracket to fit the weight and size of your television system and the ideal location for your type of bracket is picked out, its type to start the real work.
The ideal wall situational involves a wall where studs can be easily defined behind the surface (using an stud locator). Because hollow-wall anchors will not hold television mounts, a sturdy material is needed to properly support the heavy weight.A concrete or brick wall, however, will also work well when using concrete anchors to mount the bracket. Check with your local hardware store for more information.

BellO 7842B Articulated TV Wall Mount

Use a stud finder and mark each edge of the studs with a pencil near the location of your ideal placement. Locate the center of each stud and make another pencil marking at the correct height that you had determined before. Next, use your measuring tape and pencil and draw a horizontal line through the middle of your wall bracket.

Align the center of the bracket with your wall marking that indicates the exact center and height of your stud. Slowly position the bracket towards the ideal location that you had determined earlier and try to line up a holeĀ  or two in the bracket with the center line of your wall stud. A general rule is that an 80 pound television can be anchored to a single stud but for televisions larger is is recommended to find and utilize two. If everything looks good, make a marking to indicate the bracket holes that align with the stud center.
Today’s mounts do allow you to adjust a few inches to the left or right to better match your ideal location. But keep in mind that a solid mount should take precedence over the most desired location.

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